Our Story

A company culture that strives for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

The Nasseff Story

In the beginning, one plumber enjoyed troubleshooting plumbing problems. The thrill of providing creative solutions and handling repairs to a group of customers was gratifying. The simple principle of doing what it takes to do the job right, and exceeding customer expectations was the foundation of this young entrepreneur.
Nasseff Mechanical Contracting - The Earlier Years
THIS ONE PLUMBER ~~ Mickey Nasseff.

As demands for Mickey’s service grew, he brought into the fold skilled craftsmen who mirrored his passion. As Nasseff Mechanical grew, office personnel were added to the team. Each new office team member not only had a passion for their administrative skills, but a passion to assure customer expectations were exceeded.

Today, Nasseff customers are the focus of every Nasseff team member from the field to the office. What pleases a customer’s unique, individual needs is our focus. Nothing fancy, just a simple principle that started with Mickey Nasseff and is clearly evident today with one exception…

…Nasseff employees are “redefining mechanical service.”

  • Company Founded

    Nasseff Plumbing and Heating founded in 1972 in Oakdale, MN with the awarding of a housing project bid for 187 houses in North St. Paul.

  • Early Growth

    Mickey Nasseff earned his master gas and master pipefitter license and began doing hot water and steam heat work. Projects focused on subcontracting for NSP on their condensate repair program.

  • City of St Paul Contract

    Nasseff Plumbing and Heating awarded the three year “Water Heater Replacement” program contract with the City of St Paul.

  • Initial Relationship with West Publishing

    Nasseff Plumbing and Heating is subcontracted plumbing repairs at West Publishing, which continued through the 1980s as West began warehouse expansion into Eagan.

  • West Publishing

    Nasseff contracted to do the plumbing on the West Publishing office facility in Eagan, MN. Today, Nasseff provides a full line of services to Thomson Legal (formerly West Publishing).

  • Office Relocation

    Nasseff Plumbing & Heating relocates to St Paul.

  • Nasseff Mechanical Contractors Formed

    Nasseff Mechanical Contractors is formed. The reorganization adds additional shareholders plus adds HVAC and piping to services added. A fully operational sheet metal fabrication shop is created.

  • Fire Protection Services Added

    Fire Protection is added to the services provided by Nasseff Mechanical Contracting. By adding Fire Protection, Nasseff Mechanical is now able to over a complete package of Mechanical Services.

  • Univ. of MN Fire Protection Testing Contract

    Nasseff Mechanical is awarded the University of Minnesota fire protection testing contract. This contract incorporated testing at all UMN buildings in the Twin Cities. This is a contract that Nasseff Mechanical still holds.

  • CAD Services Added

    CAD is added to the company to allow the ability to offer coordination and design build/assist services to customers.

  • FT Service Manager

    A full time service manager joins Nasseff to continue growth of preventative maintenance and serve and helps the company in “redefining mechanical service”.

  • 100 Staff Members

    Mickey Nasseff and Jeff Ulrich continue the excellence that was the principal of Mickey. The company reaches 100 field and office personnel.

  • Tragic Accident

    Mick Nasseff tragically passes dies in a single vehicle motorcycle accident.

  • Ulrich Becomes President

    Jeff Ulrich becomes president of Nasseff Mechanical. Nasseff Mechanical continues to serve our clients with professionalism. Everyone at Nasseff Mechanical is continuing to keep Mickey Nasseff’s legacy alive by continuing to operate the company as he would have.

  • Pillsbury A-Mill Project

    Nasseff Mechanical undertakes its largest project to date – Pillsbury A-Mill.

  • A Force in Healthcare

    Nasseff Mechanical is currently working in (12) hospitals in the Twin Cities area. Nasseff is quickly becoming known as a force in the Healthcare Mechanical Industry.

  • Fire Protection Designer

    As the growth of the Fire Protection continues, a Full time Fire Protection Designer is added the company.